Ellen Allien releases her first material away from her own BPitch Control label that she founded, Boddika‘s imprint Nonplus, a label she has been a huge fan of, has been chosen as the home for the ‘Take A Stand’ EP.

The title track ‘Take A Stand’ is an infectiously groovy, menacing, percussion driven chunk of goodness. Filled with raw synths and distorted effects which give an industrial feel from the outset. The chant of ‘Take A Stand, Scream and Shout’ cuts in over the tribalistic beat and gives this track the feel of a call to war!

B1 ‘Trigger’ is a thundering, techno hurricane which swirls you intro a frenzy. Relentless percussion which pushes the energy levels to the extreme, and heavy layers of acid bass and atmospheric synths creating a hypnotic whirlwind.

B2 ‘Flying Objects’ is an insanely groovy slice of minimal techno where Ellen uses her voice on the track, combining with haunting atmospherics and space age synths. The drums are beautiful, sharp, crisp hats, and buckets of groove, a track that really defines the Ellen Allien ‘Space Techno’ sound.