The Willers Brothers, Sean and Liam, have been on a tremendous rise of late, having been picked up by Watergate after moving to Berlin, plus dropping releases on the We_R House imprint they run with Beste Modus leading lady Cinthie, plus other EPs on labels such a DECAY Records, What Came First the label from Egg London where the lads were formerly residents, and not forgetting a recent remix on Avotre!

Here the lads deliver the first release on Piv Limited, with 2 original tracks and 2 stunning remixes from Mike Sharon and Nick Beringer.

The opening track ‘The High Seed’ is a seriously infectious groover, instantly making you move your body to the funky bass line, complimented by a crisp rolling beat, and soulful vocal cuts, the track smoothly flows along, the bass working its magic under the looped strings which carry the track.

The A2 ‘Tuesday’ sounds like a dream with filtered pads hazily floating along through the intro, simplicity is bliss in this track, tight percussion, short chops and stabs, warm pops of bouncy bass, all work together to produce a hip swinging, dance floor damager.

B1 is the Nick Beringer remix of ‘Tuesday’ which stays true to the original with its stabby chords and ludicrously groovy drums. The bass is more fluid in Nicks remix, a funk laden treat which rolls along in harmony with the echoing chords which fill the mid section of the track perfectly. An incredible remix which is sure to cause some scenes on many dance floors in the near future.

Finally comes the Mike Sharon remix of ‘The High Seed’. Taking a slightly deeper direction to the original, bass line alternating with bright and beautiful chord stabs moving around each other like a couple on a dance floor. Subtle high strings and vocal cuts are a welcome treat throughout the track. Another class remix on this package which is almost impossible to sit still to from the outset!

You can buy the EP >>>> HERE