The man with the Midas touch, Parisian Leo Pol touches down on D’Julz label Bass Culture with a sublime 4 track EP in the form of ‘Dark Outside’.  Renowned for his energetic live performances and live jam videos that have gained thousands of views online, you can almost see him jamming away in your head as you listen through these 4 fantastically groovy cuts.


‘Caliente’ is up first, driven by jazzy keys and an unrelenting beat which grips you from the outset, deep warm stabs of sub bass compliment the hard as nails kick drum which pushes this tune along with tremendous energy.

‘Fnc Burning’ takes us to a far moodier place with the fat low womp of the bass that bounces along over the synths in the introduction. Ridiculously groovy, over swung percussion and fuzzy hi hats, take this to a track which treads the line between a multitude of genres, with influences from Grime, UK Garage, House, can all be felt as this heavyweight roller progresses. A tune sure to draw a serious reaction when dropped in the dance.

Title track ‘Dark Outside’ is up next, and takes us into more familiar territory for those who’ve seen the online jam videos that occasionally pop up online on social media from Leo Pol playing with his setup. Added funk is this order of the day on this one, with a hat tilt to Detroit, driven by the grooving bass line from the start, combined with the sharp, snappy drum computer beat, this one has you moving from off. Hypnotic, trippy synths dance over the beat and bass, with the vocal contributing to the groove as it pops in and out.

‘Techyes No!’ builds gradually from the reverb drenched keys and thumping kick drum in the introduction, layering bass lines over each other, intelligently adding layers of more and more hi hats into the overall pattern of the drums. The track has an almost haunting vibe as it progresses, the hats a constant force throughout with their skippy rhythms, enchanting you with the dreamy keys in the background.

A solid release overall, showcasing some of the sounds some may be less familiar with from this ever impressive young producer, adding to an already glowing repertoire consisting of releases on iile, Uniile, Concrete Music amongst others.

You can buy the EP >>>>> HERE