Dakar returns to Yoshitoshi with his ‘I Can Feel EP’. A 4 track EP consisting of 2 originals and 2 monster remixes, ready to do some serious damage over the summer and a heavyweight follow up to his earlier release on the label ‘Myself’ which gathered heavy support from Jamie Jones amongst many other DJs from the highest echelons of the scene.

‘I Can Feel’ opens with a sharp, crisp beat that instantly gets you moving, soon comes the vocal loop building tension towards the introduction of that rolling bass. Winding effects and shakers add to the mix as the looped vocal builds towards the chanting of “I Can Feel It, Can You Feel It?” in the breakdown, snares gradually climbing in intensity towards the drop. This is one heavyweight piece of kit, the vocal a constant driving force combined with the low end rumble of the bass.

The second track is a collaboration with the help of Brazilian duo Bruce Leroys and singer Sophie. ‘Different Perspective’ brings some serious weighty low end to the dance, the vocals of Sophie work an absolute treat, alternating with chord stabs, adding to the already chunky groove created by the movement of the low end. Looped sections of the vocals, combined with filtered snare rolls leave you waiting eagerly in anticipation of the reintroduction of all of these perfectly placed elements on the drop. Serious hands up vibes on this one.

There are 2 remixes of the title track ‘I Can Feel’ one from MANT and one from Chance Caspian.

The MANT remix starts with skippy hats and the vocal running from the offset, distorted stabs and synth hits scattered over the winding, rolling low end creates a high octane, dance floor ready weapon of a remix, keeping the foot to the floor and the energy levels at the maximum throughout.

Chance Caspian take us deeper, into more progressive territory with his take on the track. A hypnotic synth line, beautifully drenched in reverb, an incredibly punchy kick drum, cutting through the rumble of the bass, whilst the occasional vocal cut pops in and out, a stunning take on the original track and a great contrast in the overall mood of the track.

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