Israeli duo Jos & Eli step up on Edu Imbernon label Eklektisch to deliver the ‘Odyssey EP’ featuring a remix from the unstoppable Norwegian producer Finnebassen.

1st up is ‘Broken’ which is an energetic, driving synth fuelled track, peppered with distorted sounds and a continual infectious bass line which really cuts through the layers of ambient textures used in the backdrop of this haunting track. This one is most definitely the more “big room” of the 3 tracks on the release and will seriously thump on a main room system.

Next up we have ‘Instrumental Odyssey’, an almost psychedelic sounding intro with trippy synths bending up and down as the gentle shaker creeps in, the track has a feel of an indie tune and something reminiscent of “The XX” about it. Deep, moving, contemplative music, which would be perfectly suited to the end of a long night as it would to a long drive in the car, a very versatile track. This really is a musical masterclass here showing a totally contrasting side to the 1st track.

Finnebassen adds a heap of groove to ‘Instrumental Odyssey’ with his remix, adding chunky doubled up kick drums, intricate percussive hits dotted in the background. Opting to edit the melody of the original slightly and taking the tune to what feels like a hypnotic dream state, constantly modulating the main synth line of the track, it’s as if the track goes from light into dark as the high end creeps in and fades away. An emotional journey of a remix, which would be perfect at the end of a long night to close of a euphoric dance floor.

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