Alumni Records Glasgow present ‘Alumni 101’, a showcase from 4 of the most promising students at the Shoogle Studios, Glasgow, music production in the city. The labels aim and ethos is to continually deliver tracks from students past and present, starting with this fantastic offering to open proceedings with 4 fresh cuts straight from the heart of the scene.

Opting for a slightly slower tempo, AISHA is first up with ‘Slow Burner’, an acid fuelled percussive groover. A constantly evolving beat, peppered with snares and claps, is layered with the filtered acid lead, building energy with the thumping kick. 80s inspired keys and synths in the breakdown build on the strong foundations laid in the early part of the track. Some high energy levels in this track despite the slower tempo.

Next up LIFECOACH opens the aptly named ‘Siren’ with an alluring, effected siren, topped gently with white noise. Then come the beautifully hazy chords over a strong kick drum and dancing, skippy hi hats, leading into a breakdown with filtered, seemingly distant vocals. The drop introduces the luscious warm bass and brings the whole track together, all elements then joined by an endlessly evolving arpeggiator, and goosebump inducing piano chords. A strong track reminiscent of work by Paul Woolford.

Oakland brings the Lo-Fi vibes with ‘I’m Hot What Are You’. A progressively building, emotive track which is full of delicate textures, such as the strings and pads which accompany the piano chords which carry the track. A vocal in the breakdown grabs your attention as the track is taken apart, and then as the open hat slowly fades back into the mix the track comes back together for a final euphoric moment. One for the fans of Mall Grab, Ross From Friends, DJ Seinfeld and the likes.

‘Midsummer Dream’ from Sarah Miller is a high octane, energy filled, summer ready weapon from the offset. A driving kick and bass push the energy levels up right from the get go. Progressively building as piano chords join the sharp hi hats in the mix, we are taken into a breakdown with some seriously funky saxophone sure to have those hands in the air in anticipation of the coming drop. This is such a feel good track, the piano screams Ibiza and it never feels like the energy drops from the start, the breakdowns are timed just perfectly for the maximum impact.

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