Cadenza is a label which really needs no introduction, home to huge releases over the years, in a rich back catalogue, from the likes from Luciano, Michel Cleis, Loco Dice and many other world class producers. Next up on the behemoth label, following releases on other highly renowned labels such Knee Deep In Sound and Ovum, Sean Miller steps up with ‘Enfin’, a 2 track EP consisting of two tracks perfect for the coming summer months.

‘Arc en Ciel’ opens with hazy vocals in the background, layered with modulated vocal effects, combined with a weighty kick, dotted with toms and bongos conjuring up images of beach clubs and summer day parties. Euphoric pads and synths build the atmosphere and then you are hit with the deep, warm, bassline which carries the energy of the track to ensure this is one which will get a massive reaction in many clubs and at many festivals this summer.

‘Je t’aime’ has a lot more of a swung groove in the intro straight away, getting the hips swinging as the occasional stab cuts in and the automated filter starts to work its magic on the beautiful pads and strings. The sax that sneaks in and out is a lovely touch and a welcome addition to the party. A luscious deconstruction in the breakdown relaxes you before those tight drums and bass line come back together and guarantee some hands in the air moments in coming months.

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