One of the leading ladies of British dance music, Cassy combines forces with the one and only Pete Moss to collaborate on the 4th release on her label Kwench Records. Ron Trent is on board for the B side and takes us on a 10 minute journey with a tour de force of a remix.

In her own words, the whole idea of this project is to work with producers she has admired for years, so naturally having been a big fan of Moss and Trent, she approached this release with confidence and wasn’t disappointed with the results, and I must say neither are we!

The original on opens with a strong kick, overlapped by gated synths, slowly building tension and the crisp percussion joins the mix. You are then greeted by the chunky, warm bass line which instantly gets the head nodding in appreciation. Gently delayed percussion in the break down draws out the suspense waiting for all the elements to be reunited, which are then added to with a luscious vocal layer. A great energy in this track, one that will be featured heavily in sets this summer and will definitely get those feet moving on the dance floor.

Ron Trent takes no prisoners with his remix, straight away hitting you with a ferocious kick drum, then introducing beautiful pads and synth work, hypnotic looping rhythms of arpeggios are combined with the vocal sample to create mesmerising hands up moments, despite the ferocity of the underlying kick, this is a real feel good track, with a nostalgic feel, as Ron Trent uses his many years experience in the Chicago house scene to craft a sublime take on the original here. In total agreement with Cassy when she says “It’s one of the best remixes I’ve heard in a long time”

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