The seemingly unstoppable trio of Lazare Hoche, Malin Genie and S.A.M return with another phenomenal release on Oscillat Music.

2 breathtaking pieces of musical magic which show off the talents of these 3 highly regarded producers yet again. Returning to the outstanding Oscillat once more, the formidable trio deliver even more sublime music, showing no signs of slowing down with their output.

A1 ‘String Theory’ is layered with delicate keys over  mesmerising atmospherics which lead to a goosebump inducing string filled breakdown. An intelligently constructed musical masterpiece which shows the level of attention to detail these three constantly seek to apply to their productions.

B1 ‘Poisoned Words’ is much more of a heads down groover which will get a strong reaction on the dance floor. Deep resonating chords and seriously grooving hats keep this one entertaining from start to finish. A hypnotic track sure to be heard on many a dance floor as the summer party season starts to flourish.