Easy To Remember consists of Italian duo and brothers Elia Perrone and Niro. They are also the owners of Unclear Records, which has previously hosted releases from Roman Flugel and Fred P amongst others. This time though, it is them who releases on the label with “C’est Nul” which includes “I’m Gonna Get You Raymond” and the infectious of the title track remix from none other than Black Loops, a man with an impressive back catalogue including releases on Toy Tonics and Pets Recordings.

“C’est Nul” starts with jungle-esque atmospherics and saturated drums, these combined with beautiful pad sounds lead into the acid inspired bassline which builds with echos and sits over the warm sub, working together, reminiscent of some early 90s breakbeat. After the vocal filled breakdown, we are treated to a stripped back rebuilding of the tune layer by layer.

With the Black Loops remix you’re instantly treated to a hip hop break which gets your head bobbing in anticipation of the ambient chords which proceed to take you away,  this is swiftly followed by a bassline which gives the track a different, old skool garage feel, a great contrast from the original. Then comes the breakdown and introduction of the vocal samples and the keys, which progress into a jazzy, rolling, downward spiral. The 2nd breakdown leaves you aching for more as the shaker gradually creeps in with the vocal, and brings all the elements back together on the drop for a real hands up moment.

“I’m Gonna Get You Raymond” gets you moving right away with a groove laden bassline, seriously high levels of funk from the off. The track has a psychedelic feeling as the pads bend around the bassline, eventually becoming chords in the breakdown, all the while the sharp, grooving hats have your hips moving to the beat.