Berlin based Magit Cacoon returns to Crosstown Rebels sister label Rebellion for a 2nd time, delivering ‘History In The Makin’, a 3 track EP with a remix from LA based producer DAVI.


The Berlin-based producer/DJ began her electronic journey in her homeland, Tel-Aviv. She started Girl Scout in 2011 and has furnished labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Knee Deep In Sound, Variety Music with her hypnotic sound, plus released her debut album Other Dimension in 2015 on Upon You Records.

First up is the title track, an intelligently put together progressive journey, sharp hi hats and claps decorate a layer of synths in the background, whilst never distracting from the vocals that feature through out. Warm, heavy, sub bass is a constant driving force which keeps your feet stomping.

Second track ‘Aussi’ has a similarly sub bass lead rhythm, with dancing hats and spoken word vocals, this is a minimalist dream. Tight production, repetitive and hypnotic synths, this is a real after-hours gem which will go down a treat at 9am on many a dance floor.

DAVI turns the track upside down with his remix and delivers a tech groover version of ‘Aussi’. Tribal percussion leads into ambient pads and chords, whilst staying true to the original using the sub bass as a driving force in the rhythm of the track. Loosely using the vocals to fill the breakdowns, along with atmospheric white noise, richly textured pads, and filtered snares. A great contrast to the more minimal original track.

You can buy this track HERE